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Meet Carrollton Family Law Attorney Kierston M. Phillips

Lawyer Kierston M. Phillips is a cornerstone of the Carrollton legal community, offering a wealth of knowledge and a decade of experience in family law. At her practice – Kierston M. Phillips, P.C. – people confronting major life transitions find the trusted legal support they need to navigate these challenging chapters of their lives.

Kierston is a lifelong resident of Carroll County. She attended the Advanced Academy of West Georgia before obtaining a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of West Georgia. She then earned her Juris Doctor at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School.

Kierston is a licensed mediator in multiple areas of law, including family law. She completed mediation training through the Justice Center of Atlanta. In 2016, she stepped into the role of court-appointed county conservator.

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A Reliable Advocate During Life’s Critical Moments

When you find yourself at a crossroads – whether you’re facing the end of a marriage, a potential custody battle or another family-related challenge – you can count on Kierston to be a steadfast ally. She is a highly skilled lawyer who combines practical wisdom with a down-to-earth approach. She is a dependable advocate both in and out of the courtroom.

Kierston is known for her thoroughness and hard work ethic. She handles every family law case with the highest level of diligence and professionalism. Her dedication to protecting your interests will be evident at every stage of your case, empowering you with the confidence to move forward.

A Transparent And Level-Headed Approach

Kierston believes in open communication and transparency, which forms the basis of her straightforward, no-nonsense approach. Clients appreciate her level-headed demeanor and ability to set realistic expectations while providing clear, actionable advice. As a solo practitioner, she is accessible to address your concerns whenever they arise.

Take The Next Step With Peace Of Mind

While family law issues can be tremendously challenging, the right lawyer can provide the peace of mind you need to start building the next chapter of your life. Having attorney Kierston M. Phillips by your side means you won’t have to face the legal and emotional complexities of family law alone.

Connect with Kierston today by reaching out online or calling 678-664-1600.