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At Kierston M. Phillips, P.C., strong lawyer-client relationships are the foundation of the practice. Kierston is known for her unwavering work ethic and commitment to her clients.

Attorney Kierston M. Phillips

Family Law

Custody And Visitation


A Thoughtful, Comprehensive Approach To Practicing Law

Kierston is known for her focus on client needs and her no-nonsense approach. Her meticulous attention to detail is well known in the Carrollton legal community. For 10 years, Kierston has built a reputation for finding practical solutions to even the most complex legal challenges. As a client, you can expect a dedicated advocate with unwavering professionalism who prioritizes substance over show.

Serving Carrollton with integrity, a strong work ethic and an unwavering commitment to clients.

A Law Firm Built On Trust And Dedication

Clear, honest communication is the cornerstone of Kierston’s legal practice. She builds a partnership with each client through straightforward communication. Her commonsense advice is rooted in acquiring a deep understanding of her clients’ needs through open and honest conversations. Kierston is a reliable guide through the often complex legal process, providing responsive support that aligns with her strong ethical framework.


Defended me like a Gladiator

From the first moment I met with Attorney Phillips, she was laser focused on my case. She took detailed notes and reviewed them over and over developing a deep insight and strategy that resulted in a legal victory. I will forever be grateful to Kierston Phillips for her exceptional work ethic and dedication.

A Local Attorney Who Understands The Community

Attorney Kierston M. Phillips

Kierston M. Phillips